Written by Leonardo Carrillo / Digital Marketing Specialist

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It’ s the technique of positioning websites in the top positions of search engines with different strategies and techniques. Which if it is not offered in your web package, do not accept it. That is why, your website and SEO are listed here.

Why is SEO important for businesses? With regard to companies, using SEO is of paramount importance given that it is a technique that serves to achieve sales and according to the scale can be even large amounts if you have worked a strategy for a great time.

What makes one successful in this type of work? Success is based on having a clear goal and knowing the business correctly so that keywords are always the right ones. This in order to always reach the right customers and not create unwanted interactions.

What else can I do? Or is there no other technique? Apart from SEO that is organic positioning, there is SEM which is basically positioning but paid for. Here you use Google Adwords (the tool with which ads are managed). From here you can position the page paying for every click that is achieved by Google Adwords always being a precise investment and the size you think convenient based on your budget and earnings.


What is SEO? And its importance! | Advertising & Marketing
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