About me – Leonardo Carrillo

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LEONARDO CARRILLO COMERCIAL MARKETING EXPERT IN DIGITALSALES  With high ROI (return of investment) for succesfull digital campaings Know more than me

I have an advertising master’s degree and experience in the field of digital commercial marketing for more than 6 years. I ´ve worked in advertising and marketing agencies managing brands such as: KTM, DBM PERU, SEMINARIUM, AMROP, HOTEL CHAIN, Hyundai (Levolant), Claro Peru among others.

Expert in SEO & SEM with a neat and prolific work in Website Design and Graphic Creations

Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting – With successful sales in Marketing with high ROI (Return on Investment)

My work is comprised in 5 pillars:

SEO: As a web positioning technique -primordial for the growth of the company.

Advertising Design: Creation of High Impact Graphics in the search for Brand or Sales creation.

Web Design: Strengthened branding and / or sales of products, services or personal brand.

Social Media: In order to connect with potential customers in an era where everyone is connected to social networks.