10 Marketing strategies to increase your winnings in your business

Leonardo Carrillo

The important Entrepreneur Magazine has recommended 10 Marketing strategies to growth your business.

Now a days increase your business isn´t so easy as we thougth. First of all we need to find how to make it possible, the idea is trully important. Then if we are able to manage the new extra budget, how to implement the idea and also think the worst scenary if we lost all…

So, in that way maybe we don´t want to start and we might leave the idea to make it.. it´s for that reason that is important to really know what are you going to do. Knowing the strategies in an order way, it´ll helps you to observe so much better the scenary you will have to manage

1.- Social Media

It´s not something new now the power of social media. Lot of prestiges companies have started with only social networks. At the beggining can be intimidating but then if you are constant is going to be easier and easier.

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2.- Video Tutorials

Once of the most valuable thing for the people, is to learn. Make tutorials that would be useful for them. The best way to do this is in Youtube, an incredible platform which now millions of people watch every day.

It´s not going to be an easy path, where everybody is gonna be there instantly; it´s gonna be hard but you can´t feel that´s the end of the world and you have to still doing it. Your effort will worth every single second. But you need to make prescence, remember it!

3- Blogging

Start a blog, if you don´t have it, you have to do it right away. Lot of business don´t want to use a blog cause they think it´s gonna be a desert. But you can make it valuable if you create authority.

First of all try to make an incredible content that can encourage people to still knowing more about your service, products or even you. The most important strategy now a days is to give people valuable knowledge that they can use in their lifes.

Share that content in your social networks, like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, working always to make prescence and authority

4.- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can be a little intimidating for many people cause you need to learn so many “tricks” to make it possible. So at the beggining is gonna be really difficul to appear in the search engines in the top. But eventually in the long term it´s gonna be possible to start making results if you really work on that marketing field so fascinanting.

I have to admit that I really love this area (SEO) and from my point of view when you start having results, it´s terrific! Try it! it´ll worth the sacrifice and the time you would have spent!

5.- Influencers

Find out influencers that can catapult your business in social media. Giving you the necessary audience without spending so much time, making it by yourself.

How to do it without losing your money, not work with some that have millions of followers try to find the right influencer who has thousands of followers but is gonna be the right for your niche.

6.- Leadership Magnetism

Try to create a leadership that can attract everybody watching you as a leader. Making that a valuable point for your brand.

In so many cases can be really worth but remember that´s gonna be a trully diffcult task because then, you can´t put your guard down with that. Trying to not making mistakes. You would be the leader so mistakes aren´t an option. So try to evaluate if you would be capable to make it possible all the time.

7.- Facebook Ads

An incredible tool that you can also use and I really recommend too, it´s Facebook ads. It´s really worth every penny you invest there. Cause is going to give you the opportunity to growth your business and also target your audience either by gender, location, characteristics and more…

8.- Linkedin

The perfect way to increase your business is Linkedin, the social network for professionals. If you have many connections there and you aren´t posting on there, do it immidiately.

There you would connect the right persons that can give you the influence that your need

9.- Affilliate program

So many people don´t understand the power of affiliate marketing field. This kind of business can give you an extra and important fuel to growth your business. If you have a social network or a website that have lot of followers or visits don´t lost the opportunity to make it possible.

There are many websites that provides you a large lists of companies that are anxious to pay you if you give them results to their business paying high comissions for the sales you make. Every depend on the conversion you obtain.

You can know more about Affilliate programs here: Click Bank, Commision Junction or E. Brian Ross´s JVZoo

10.- Email Marketing

I also recommend it to my clients when they need to sale their products or services. Now a days, the email marketing, it is a really usefull tool to sale, given the everybody have one, to use their phones.

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